Speed up your PC dramatically by installing an inexpensive SSD

ssdIn a previous post I discussed how adding RAM to your PC would give you the biggest bang for the buck when upgrading your computer. Adding RAM has always been one of the most cost effective ways to speed up a PC, and it still is.

Today I’m going to tell you about an equally amazing upgrade that costs a little more, but will definitely speed up your computer and hurtle it right into the fast lane! [Continue Reading]

How to make Windows 8.1 ‘forget’ unused Wi-Fi networks

windows-8-1If you’ve done some traveling with your laptop you have probably built up a long list of Wi-Fi networks that you’ve connected to while you were out on the road.

Chances are you’ll never have occasion to connect to many of those networks again, yet they still keep popping up every time you need to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

If your laptop is running Windows 8.1, it’s easy to remove those old Wi-Fi networks from your list of remembered networks. Here’s how: [Continue Reading]

Create a self-hosted WordPress blog today for only $1

wordpress-logoIf you’ve ever wanted to have your own self-hosted WordPress blog, right now is a perfect time to get started.

Why? Because you can take advantage of a couple of specials from Godaddy and Hostgator that will allow you to register your own domain name AND get your first month of web hosting from the best hosting company on the planet for a grand total of $1.00!

There are several options for creating a blog for free, but regardless of which free blogging platform you choose you’ll be very limited in regards to what you can and cannot do with your blog (such as customize your blog and/or make money from it). By purchasing your own domain name and inexpensive web hosting plan, you can rest assured that you can do anything you want with your blog!

It’s easy to create your own self-hosted WordPress blog for only $1.00. Here’s how: [Continue Reading]

Review: Avast Mobile Security for your Android phone or tablet

Avast Mobile SecurityI’ve been recommending the free version of Avast Antivirus to keep your PC free of malware for some time now because it does a better job at keeping your data and identity safe from hackers and scammers than most other “paid” alternatives, and it won’t slow your system down.

You’re probably aware that mobile devices are susceptible to malware too, and to combat it I’ve been using (and recommending) an excellent free security app called Lookout Mobile Security.

Lookout does a great job, and I’m very happy with it, but now Avast offers an awesome (and free) alternative for those of us with Android phones and tablets. [Continue Reading]

Need Christmas money? Trade in your unwanted smart phone, laptop or other electronic items at Amazon!

Christmas is just around the corner, and like most folks you might be wishing you had a little more cash to spend on those all-important Christmas gifts.

Well, Amazon has a great way to turn your unwanted electronic items into extra cash that you can spend for absolutely anything that Amazon sells.

It called the Amazon Trade-In Program, and it’s great! [Continue Reading]

Review: Kindle Fire HD 6

kindle-fire-hd-6A while back I tested and reviewed the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon, and to put it mildly I was very impressed.

That being said, I must say that when Amazon announced the release of the Kindle Fire HD 6 at less than $100, I was more than a little skeptical. But as it turns out, I shouldn’t have been.

While putting the Kindle Fire HD 6 through its paces, it quickly became evident that this was far from just another bottom-dollar junk tablet. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: What’s the difference between a Public IP Address and a Private IP Address? And how do I find out what mine are?

ip-address-logoQuestion from Keegan L.  I read an article on Internet security last night and they kept talking about a computer’s “Public IP Address” and its “Private IP Address”. I never could figure out exactly what those terms mean.

Can you tell me the difference between the two types of IP addresses? And how do I find out what those IP addresses are on my computer?

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]