Review: Anker Astro E5 15000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger with Ultra-High Density External Battery Pack

anker-astro-e5-dual-usb-chargerModern technology and the abundance of mobile devices we have at our disposal are great, but keeping all of our gadgets charged up and ready for use when we need them can be a challenge.

But that challenge is a lot easier to meet with a powerful USB charger and external battery pack combo.

I’m always eager to test and review new portable charging devices, and I recently had the opportunity to put a true powerhouse to the test. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: Is there an easy way to copy and paste as plain text?

copy-paste-plain-text-logoQuestion from Amber H.:  Hi Rick. I write a blog about contests and giveaways, and I’m always copying and pasting snippets from other websites into my own blog posts.

The problem I’m having is when I copy a snippet of text with Ctrl+C and then paste it with Ctrl+V, any formatting (bold, italics, web links, etc.) are pasted into the document along with the text.

To get around that I’ve been pasting the snippet first into Notepad, then copying it again from there and pasting it into my WordPress editor window.

My question is can you tell me a simpler (hopefully one step) way to paste something that was copied to the clipboard as just plain text? Thanks for your help!

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

Q&A: Can I use a Powerline Networking Kit to connect my cable modem to my wireless router?

Question from David K.:  My wife and I just bought a two story house that’s pretty large and the Wi-Fi signal won’t reach all the bedrooms on the second floor.

I’m certain that moving the cable modem and wireless router from the den to someplace near middle of the house would do the trick, but that would require having the cable company come out and run a new wire. I’d rather not do that if I can possibly avoid it.

I read your post about powerline networking kits and I was wondering if I can use one of those to connect the modem to the router. That way I could leave the modem in the den and place the router somewhere in the middle of the house. Your advice on on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

Firefox releases update to patch 16 security flaws, some of them critical

firefox-logoMozilla has just released a major update to the popular Firefox browser that patches 16 security flaws, three of them rated critical.

This latest version is 36.0, and if you have Firefox set to update automatically you don’t have anything to worry about as it will all be taken care of for you.

But if you have it set to allow you to install updates manually, I recommend that you update to version 36.0 immediately. And by the way, if you have Firefox set to never check for updates…well, it would probably be a good idea to change that.

Follow these steps to check if you’re running the latest version of Firefox: [Continue Reading]

Why you should always ‘Like’ your own Facebook posts

facebook-logoIf you’ve been using Facebook for a while you have probably noticed that many people “Like” their own posts just as soon as they post them.

While this could be viewed as a form of vanity (I mean really, is it cool to “Like” your own posts?), in most cases it isn’t vanity at work at all.

Facebook has made numerous changes to their user interface of late, and one of the most reviled changes of them all were changes to the news feed and the introduction of the Ticker.

Now, instead of seeing all of your friends’ posts, you only see a selected few (selected by Facebook of course) showing up in your news feed. Under the new “Edge Rank” system, friends that don’t “Like” and comment on your posts usually stop seeing them altogether before too long. [Continue Reading]

Is your computer acting weird? It’s probably malware.

malwareHas your computer started acting weird all of a sudden?

Do web pages take forever to load or are you getting pop-ups every time you breathe? Is your web browser covered in toolbars? Has your home page or default search engine been mysteriously changed without your permission?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your PC is probably infected with malware. [Continue Reading]

Review: Kindle Domination: 25 Strategies To Sell More Books On Amazon

kindle-domination-coverIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, you have probably read this post that explains just how easy it is to create and sell ebooks on Amazon. But once your ebook is for sale in the Kindle Store, how do you promote it in order to make lots of sales?

Kindle Domination: 25 Strategies To Sell More Books On Amazon offers plenty of solid advice for increasing your ebook sales and income.

Author Alan Woods explains his proven strategies and methods in powerful, yet easy to understand language and without the use of confusing and unfamiliar jargon. [Continue Reading]

“Mobile-Friendly” sites will soon rank higher in Google’s Mobile Search Results

google-logoGoogle has just announced that they will soon start giving priority to websites that are mobile-friendly in their Mobile Search Results.

This means sites that typically receive lots of traffic from Google’s Mobile Search will probably see a drastic decrease in that traffic once the change takes effect on April 21, 2015. If you have a website or blog that isn’t mobile friendly, you’ll basically have until that date to get that taken care of. [Continue Reading]

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