Q&A: Can a broken light pole fry a computer?

light-poleQuestion from Elaine G.:  I came home from work yesterday evening and the power company was replacing a light pole in the neighbor’s yard that had been broken off by a wrecked car.

It took several hours for them to get the power back on, and when they did my computer wouldn’t come on. When I press the power button nothing happens. No noise of any kind, and no lights. Nothing!

I know the outlet is working because the other items that are plugged into the same power strip are working fine.

Do you think the broken light pole fried my computer somehow? And if it did, can it be fixed?

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Q&A: Is there a cheap way to block certain numbers on my landline telephone?

cpr-call-blockerQuestion from Ellen L.:  I can block calls from certain phone numbers with my smart phone, but I also have a landline telephone that I use in my business that I’d like to be able to do that with as well.

I receive a lot of nuisance calls on that line, but the phone company wants to charge me a monthly fee that adds up to well over a hundred dollars a year to block them for me.

Do you know of a service or device that I can get that’ll let me block calls from the nuisance numbers that call me the most often without having to pay a big monthly fee?

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Q&A: Can DownloadMOREGHz really speed up my computer?

cpu-heatsinkQuestion from Sue P.:  Today at work I overheard a conversation about a website called DownloadMOREGHz that claims to speed up your computer by making the CPU run faster.

I Googled it and checked out the website, and they have a good “sales pitch” (even though the service is supposedly free).

The problem is I’ve learned to be skeptical about things like this on the Internet. I was wondering if you recommend them or not. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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Turn your old smart phone into a metal detector

iphone-metal-detector-appWe Americans love upgrading to a new smart phone at every opportunity, and most of us have several of them stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

If you’re like me, you probably hate having a perfectly good portable computer (that’s really what a smart phone is) doing nothing more than gathering dust.

I’ve written several posts in the past explaining how to give an old smart phone a new life by turning it into something useful (like a wireless security camera), and I have another such tip for you today. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: How can I see all of my connections on LinkedIn?

linkedin-logoQuestion from Jaime S.:  I’ve been on LinkedIn for about a year now and I’ve made quite a few connections. The problem is I don’t know how many because it just says 500+ on my profile.

How can I see the exact number of connections I’ve made so far with my LinkedIn account?

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