Lookout Mobile Security – Free malware protection for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android device

lookoutHackers have been relentlessly attacking PCs that run Microsoft Windows with viruses and other forms of malware for years while largely ignoring computers running other operating systems.

Why? Because they enjoy inflicting misery and financial loss on as many people as possible while expending the least effort.

It’s simply the age-old principle known as economy of scale at work. Since there are more Windows PCs out there than anything else, they aim their malicious snippets of code directly at them in order to get the most “bang for their buck”.

While PC’s are still their primary targets, now that smart phones and tablets are in virtually every pocket in America the hackers have turned their attention to those devices as well. [Continue Reading]

Picture of the Day: “South Downs Sunset”

potd-48Today’s “Picture of the Day” features gorgeous sunset at South Downs, near to Burgess Hill in West Sussex, UK.  I hope you like it. It was taken by photographer Chris Hall.

Here are the camera and settings used to capture this image:

Camera: Canon EOS 5D III
Lens: Canon 17-40mm
Focal length: 19mm
Aperture: f/11
ISO: 100

Did you know that Amazon has thousands of Kindle ebooks on photography, from beginner to advanced – and every level in between?

Many titles are absolutely free, and you won’t even need a Kindle device to enjoy them!

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Note: The links in this post are affiliate links.

Why I use VaultPress to back up my WordPress blogs

vaultpress-logoIf you run a WordPress blog, you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about what would happen if your blog got hacked or your server’s hard drive crashed?

I know I have, and it isn’t a very pleasant thing to think about.

I used to literally lie awake at night thinking about what I would do if one of my blogs ever went down and I had to restore it. How long would the restore process take?

Before long I would start wondering if a full restore would even be possible with the backup sets that I had on hand? Even worse, what if I were to discover that something had happened to my backup set and it wouldn’t work at all? [Continue Reading]

Scam alert: This is why I will never use a password manager app

scamDo you use a password manager app to create, manage and store all of your passwords?

If so, you need to know that all password managers are potentially insecure and any vulnerabilities that arise could put ALL of your passwords at risk of being compromised at any time.

Why do I say this? Because of the evidence that keeps popping up from time to time. [Continue Reading]

Do you enjoy cooking? Download hundreds of great cookbooks from Amazon for free!

free-cookbookIf you enjoy cooking, chances are you also enjoy collecting cookbooks. And as you well know, growing your cookbook collection can be rather expensive.

But thanks to our good friends at Amazon, adding great cookbooks to your personal collection doesn’t have to cost you a cent!

The secret? You can download hundreds of great cookbooks directly from Amazon, for free!

Yes, it’s true, and there’s absolutely no catch. In fact, you don’t even have to own a Kindle eReader in order to use your free Kindle cookbooks! All you need is to have the free Kindle Reading App installed on your computer or mobile device. [Continue Reading]

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