Netflix to raise their monthly fees

netflix-logoNetflix has just announced that they plan to raise the fees charged for their service by “1 or 2 dollars” per month.

The rate hike will affect new customers only for the time being, but current Netflix subscribers will see their monthly bill increase also “after a generous time period” has elapsed. [Continue Reading]

Facebook now penalizing pages that post ‘Like and Share Bait Posts’


Example of a “Bait” post.

We’ve all seen them in our news feeds, and most of us have “Liked” and “Shared” them at one time or another. I’m talking about “Like and Share bait posts”, and Facebook is now starting to penalize Pages that publish them.

Like and Share bait posts typically contain images that consist of a touching photo along with a written message that tons of people are sure to agree with. After all, plenty of folks have a daughter they love with all their heart, right?

The common thread between all of these bait posts is that you will be asked to “Like” and “Share” the post if you agree with the message or find the image to be “touching” in some way.

Sounds harmless, right? Well, it really isn’t. [Continue Reading]

How to use a spare laptop and webcam as an Internet-based baby monitor

babyIf you have a spare laptop and webcam laying around your house, you have at your fingertips all you need to set up an outstanding free baby monitor.

It doesn’t have to be a top-of-the-line laptop either. You can easily use one that has been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for a couple of years (as long as it still works).

All you need to do is open a free Google + account to use as the digital “connection” between your spare laptop’s webcam and your smart phone. Here’s how to set it up, step-by-step: [Continue Reading]

Review: AGPtek Tape to PC Super USB Cassette-to-MP3 Player Converter

cassette-to-mp3-converterDo you have a stack of old cassette tapes filled with songs that you’d love to add to your MP3 collection?

If you do, there’s an easy and inexpensive way to  convert all those great songs that you thought were forever trapped inside your cassette tapes to MP3 files.

The AGPtek Tape to PC Super USB Cassette-to-MP3 Player Converter connects to your PC via a USB cable. Simply load the software onto your computer, plug the cassette player into a USB port, insert a tape and press the “Play” button. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: Is it possible to buy an Android app without owning an Android device?

google-play-logoQuestion from Sheila T.:  I have an iPhone right now but in three months I can get a new phone for free on my Sprint plan. I plan to get an Android phone and there’s a specific app that I really want to get for it.

That app is on sale right now at a great price, but when I go to the app’s page in the Play Store it tells me that I can’t buy the app because I didn’t log in with an Android device.

I’d really like to buy the app now and save over 70%, but Google won’t let me because I don’t have my Android phone yet. Is there any way around this?

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

Change your most-used settings right from your Android phone’s Pull-Down Menu with ‘Notification Toggle’

notification-toggle-logoBy default, the typical Android phone will let you change 4 or 5 settings from the handy Pull-Down Menu. But if you’re like me you probably have several settings that you change on a regular basis that aren’t accessible from the Pull-Down Menu.

For example, I put my phone in Airplane mode and adjust the screen brightness several times on a typical day, and on my Samsung phone I have to open up the expanded settings menu every time to perform either of those tasks. [Continue Reading]

Ensure that your important files are always backed up in Windows 8.1 with ‘File History’

windows-8-1I have written several posts in the past that explain various ways to back up your primary hard drive because it’s extremely important to always have a current backup of your entire boot drive available.

That being said, Windows 8.1 also has a pretty nifty feature that makes it extremely easy to keep multiple, up-to-date backup copies of just your user-created files. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: Do I need to worry about the Heartbleed bug even though I use an iPad?

heartbleed-logoQuestion from Lisa K.:  Hi Rick. I have a very simple question for you. Should I be worried about the Heartbleed bug even I only connect to the Internet with my iPad? I never use a computer anymore, only my iPad.

I’m asking you about this because I use several online services that I have to log into on a fairly regular basis and I’m afraid of having my identity stolen. Do you  think I should be or am I just being paranoid?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Rick. I really love this site and I tell people about it every chance I get!!

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]