Q&A: Can I limit what an Admin on my Facebook page can do?


Note: I have updated this post to reflect changes that Facebook recently made that now allow page owners to limit the rights of admins.

This page in the Facebook Help Center has all the info:


In a nutshell, the changes mentioned above make pretty much everything I said in my original answer to Trudy obsolete.

Question from Trudy V.:  Rick, I own a hair salon and have 3 other stylists working for me. I regularly post specials that we’re running as well as photos of new hairstyles on my salon’s Facebook page.

I’m getting ready to leave for an extended vacation (5 weeks) and I’d like to make one of my stylists an Admin on the page so she can post on the salon’s behalf while I’m gone.

What I’d like to know is whether I can limit her Admin account to where she will have the ability to post specials and photos without being able to perform any other Admin related tasks. Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise.

Rick‘s answer:  [Continue Reading]

Why you need to own a USB to SATA adapter

usb-to-sata-adapterVirtually every computer technician on the planet keeps one very special piece of equipment on hand, and you should too.

It’s called a USB to SATA adapter, and it allows you to connect “internal” devices that use a SATA interface (such as hard drives and SSDs) to your PC by simply plugging them into a USB port.

Since USB to SATA adapters are used primarily by computer techs, you’re probably wondering why I think everyone should keep one handy. Well, there are a couple of reasons: [Continue Reading]

RicksDailyTips Weekly Newsletter for June 24, 2016 – Five free programs that keep your PC running like new

newsletterHello again everyone. I hope you all had a great week!

As you probably know, Windows computers tend to slow down over time due to junk build-up on the hard drive, malware infections and various other reasons.

Today I’m going to tell you about five powerful free downloads that you can use to keep your PC running just as fast as the day you bought it: [Continue Reading]

Picture of the Day: “Autumn in New Zealand”

potd-18Today’s “Picture of the Day” features a beautiful autumn scene from Queenstown, New Zealand. I hope you like it.

You can see more of photographer Trey Ratcliff’s photos at Flickr.

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