Great deal: Save 50% on the best selling Powerline Networking Kit on Amazon!

daily-deal-2Do you need to access the Internet from a distant room but you don’t want to run any wires? This problem is easily solved by simply plugging in a pair of Powerline Networking Adapters!

In a nutshell, Powerline Networking Adapters allow you to connect to the Internet with a wired Ethernet connection from any room that has a working AC outlet – without having to run any wires!

This solution works extremely well, and right now you can save 50% on the best selling Powerline Networking Kit on Amazon.

The TP-LINK TL-PA4010KIT AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit will instantly give you a wired Ethernet connection between a computer located virtually anywhere in your house and your router. There are no wires to run, and you’ll enjoy blazing Internet speeds at up to 500Mbps!

If you’ve been looking for a great deal on one of the best Powerline Networking Kits on the market, this deal will be pretty hard to beat.

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Use your old smart phone as a wireless security camera

ip-webcam-appLike most households these days, yours probably has one or more old smart phones that have been retired to a junk drawer after upgrading, but a simple downloaded app can turn them all into wireless security cameras!

Just download and install the app, mount the phone where it can “see” the area you wish to monitor, then view everything that happens there via the browser on any computer or active smart phone. [Continue Reading]

Lenovo has just recalled 166,500 laptop batteries due to fire hazard. Is yours one of them?

lenovo-logoLenovo has just announced the recall of 166,500 laptop batteries in the United States and Canada due to a potential fire hazard.

If your laptop has one of the affected batteries, you should remove it from the laptop immediately and contact Lenovo Support to request a free replacement battery. To find out if the battery in your laptop is affected by this recall, simply visit this page and check to see if its part number is on the list.

While you’re waiting for your replacement battery to arrive, you can use your laptop while running on power supplied by the AC adapter (without a battery installed).

Twitter now allows you to opt to receive direct messages from anyone

twitter-logoAs you probably already know, Twitter has never allowed their users to send direct messages (DMs) to other users who don’t follow them. But as of today, that is no longer the case.

A new security setting is being rolled out right now that will let any Twitter user opt to receive DMs from any other Twitter user, whether they follow them or not.

If you prefer not to receive DMs from non-followers you won’t have to do a thing because the new feature is disabled by default.

If, on the other hand, you would like to change the setting and start receiving DMs from people you don’t follow, here is how to do it: [Continue Reading]

Q&A: Will browsing in ‘Incognito Mode’ on a company laptop keep IT from seeing my browsing history?

incognito-modeQuestion from Roland:  I have a laptop that’s provided by my employer for business use. I have a question about also using it at home for personal use.

I’m allowed to take the laptop home every night, and I’m wondering if using Chrome in “Incognito Mode” will prevent the guys in IT from finding out which websites I visit? I just don’t want to get into trouble at work. Thanks in advance for you answer.

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

Q&A: How do I enable HD Voice on my iPhone 6?

hd-voice-logoQuestion from Rita H.:  I recently went to Verizon and upgraded my phone to an iPhone 6. I’m glad I did because this is my first iPhone and I love it! I still don’t know a lot about it though.

A friend of mine also has an iPhone 6 and she said her son enabled something called HD Voice on her phone and now her calls sound a lot clearer.

I asked her how to enable it on my phone and she said she doesn’t know. Can you tell me how to do it?

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

Q&A: How do I change my birthday on Facebook?

facebook-logoQuestion from Mandy M:  Rick, I have a problem that’s been bugging me for a long time.

When I joined Facebook I put in a fake birth date because I was too young to open an account at the time. Now I want to change it to show my real birthday. How do I do that?

Rick’s answer:  It’s pretty easy to change your birthdate on Facebook Mandy. Here’s how: [Continue Reading]

Don’t junk your old computers and mobile devices. Sell them on eBay or Craigslist instead!

vic-20Do you have a shelf full of obsolete computer equipment or a drawer full of old, but working mobile devices that you’re thinking of recycling?

If so, I have a suggestion for you: Don’t recycle them, sell them!

You might not realize it, but there’s probably someone out there in this big world of ours that would love to buy your old, unwanted gear and be willing to pay you a decent amount for it.

Why would somebody want to buy an outdated computer or mobile device. Well, there are several reasons: [Continue Reading]