Q&A: Why is my laptop’s hard drive making a clicking sound?

bad-hard-driveQuestion from Nancy D:  Rick, my laptop has started making a clicking sound when I first turn it on. It only clicks for about 8-10 seconds, then it boots up normally and runs fine until I shut it down.

As far as I can tell the clicking sound seems to be coming from the hard drive.

I haven’t downloaded anything recently or made any changes to the system that I’m aware of. The PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Do you have any idea what I can do to stop the clicking? If it’s complicated I’ll have to take it to someone who can do it for me because I have zero confidence in my ability to fix a computer lol.

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

Is your blog infected with malware? Find out right now with a free scan from Sucuri.

sucuri-logoIf you run a blog, chances are you’re concerned about it getting hacked and infected with malware. And in this day and age, that is a very valid concern.

Hackers and scammers are always probing blogs for security weaknesses, and if they find one they can quickly gain access to your blog’s server and install malware that will turn your blog into a vehicle for distributing all kinds of nefarious code to your blog visitors’ computers. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: If another user reports your Facebook account, will you be told who reported it?

facebook-logoQuestion from Vicki U.: Hi Rick, I have a question re: Facebook Reporting. I was wondering if you could clear up a big misconception that’s flying around Facebook.

If your account is reported by another user, will Facebook tell you who reported you. I am certain this is all just nonsense as it is written right in the community standards. However can you elaborate? [Continue Reading]

New update makes HP Officejet printers incompatible with third-party ink cartridges

hp-officejetDo you currently use third-party ink cartridges in an HP Officejet printer?

If so, your non-HP cartridges might no longer work after you install your printer’s latest firmware update.

A few days ago HP released a new firmware update for several Officejet models that force the printer to display an error message when it detects that you have installed a non-HP ink cartridge. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: What do I need to know when shopping for LED light bulbs?

led-light-bulbQuestion from Carol N.:  Back when the government started banning incandescent bulbs I bought up a bunch of them in various wattages and stored them in my basement. I figured I’d have enough bulbs to last for a long, long time. Well, it turns out that I was wrong.

Long story short, most of my precious stash of incandescent bulbs ended up getting broken so I’m having to switch to the newer bulbs a lot sooner than I had planned to.

Since I absolutely detest CFL bulbs, what do I need to be concerned about when I go shopping for LED light bulbs? They’re pretty expensive as light bulbs go so I don’t want to waste a lot of money buying the wrong ones.

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

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