Do you love Firefox, but wish it wasn’t so slow? Download Pale Moon!

pale-moonI’ll admit it, I love the Firefox web browser.

I really like the look and feel of Firefox’s browser window, and I LOVE all the great extensions that let me do things with Firefox that I can’t do with any other browser.

But as much as I love Firefox, there’s one thing that has kept me using Google Chrome as my primary web browser instead of Firefox: Firefox can be as slow as cold molasses while viewing certain websites. But I have good news… [Continue Reading]

Here’s a simple way to make your Android phone’s battery last a little longer

black-background-logoDoes it seem like the battery in your Android phone dies a lot sooner than it should? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

A while back I wrote a post listing 8 tips for extending your Android phone’s battery life, and they all help quite a bit. Well, here’s a bonus tip that will make your battery last even longer. All you have to do is change your phone’s wallpaper to one that’s solid black!

You’re probably wondering why using a black background can save battery life, and that’s a good question. And the answer is really pretty simple: The lighter the screen, the more current the battery must supply to keep it lit up.

Bottom line: Changing from a light colored background to a solid black one allows your phone to operate with less current being drawn from the battery.

Switching to a solid black wallpaper is easy. Here’s how: [Continue Reading]

Review: WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup

wd-my-passport-ultra-1tb-portable-hdThese days no computer system is complete without an external USB hard drive. These handy gadgets are simply perfect for making local backups and for handling so many other handy mass storage tasks.

External hard drives used to be quite expensive, but their prices have now dropped to where they are easily affordable, even with today’s massive storage capacities.

I recently had a chance to check out the WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup, and it didn’t take long to figure out why it’s the best selling external USB hard drive on Amazon. [Continue Reading]

Q&A: How can I get Firefox to open email links in instead of Outlook?

firefox-logoQuestion from Raymond:  I hope you can help me solve a problem I’m having with email links Rick. It’s absolutely driving me up the wall.

Whenever I click an email link on a web page in Firefox it automatically loads Outlook from my hard drive, and I don’t want that.

I switched my email from Outlook to several months ago but I can’t figure out how to make email links open automatically in without having to copy the link and paste it into a new blank email. Can you tell me what I need to do to make that happen?

Rick’s answer:  [Continue Reading]

95 retailers, restaurants and other venues that offer student discounts

student-discountsAre you a student in possession of a valid student ID card? If so, that little piece of plastic is your ticket to some awesome discounts and savings.

Our friends over at Gift Card Granny have compiled a massive list of 95 retailers, restaurants and other venues that offer discounts to current students.

Using your student ID you can snag some great discounts on name-brand tech products, entertainment venues and products, transportation, sporting events, subscriptions and memberships, clothing items, restaurants, and more. [Continue Reading]

How to disable Facebook’s notification sounds

facebook-logoIf you tend to post and interact with others a lot on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed all the audible notifications you receive when there’s a lot of activity going on. At times it can sound like you’re in the middle of an arcade!

If you’d prefer peace and quiet over the endless barrage of Facebook’s notification sounds, you can easily turn them off. Here’s how: [Continue Reading]

Scam Alert: Be on the lookout for “Evil Twin” Wi-Fi networks

scamHave you ever used a hotel’s secure Wi-Fi network while staying there as a guest? How about the secure Wi-Fi network that serves the building you work in – or even the network at your church?

Many of us routinely use these types of secured Wi-Fi networks without giving them a second thought, because…well, they’re encrypted, and therefore safe, right?

As a general rule these secured networks are indeed safe and we can use them without having to worry about having our usernames, passwords and personal info being stolen.

But now there’s a new danger in using secured Wi-Fi networks that you need to know about. Hackers and scammers have begun setting up “Evil Twin” Wi-Fi networks that mimic an establishment’s real, legitimate network. The scam works something like this: [Continue Reading]