Find out if your web browser needs to be updated with just one click

whatbrowser-logoThese days most people are aware that viruses, spyware, adware and other types of malware are lurking in the shadows of the Internet, just waiting for an opportunity to sneak onto their computers’ hard drives and perform all kinds of mischief.

What many folks don’t know however is just how easy it is for a PC (and the sensitive data stored on it) to become compromised simply by using an out-of-date web browser.

In addition to adding new features and options, browser updates also patch any security holes that have surfaced since the browser was last updated. And these security updates are released all the time!

If you’d like to keep your computer free of malware (and who doesn’t), it’s extremely important to do two things on a regular basis: 

1 – Perform regular malware scans with high-quality security software. Some of the best anti-malware programs on the market are available for free! Click here for my personal recommendations.

2 – Make sure that your web browsers are always up-to-date with the latest versions.

Running the malware scans mentioned above can take some time and dedication, but keeping your browsers up-to-date only takes a few seconds thanks to a great web service called WhatBrowser.

Simply visit and it will tell you immediately if there’s an update available for the browser you used to visit the site. If there happens to be an update available, you can install it with just a click or two. Then visit the site again with every browser that’s installed on your system to ensure complete protection.

I recommend visiting every time you complete a malware scan. It’s fast, easy, and one of the best ways I know of to keep your PC running smoothly and malware-free.

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