Q&A: How can I make sure that only my Facebook friends can see my pictures and albums?

facebook-logoQuestion from Mary S.:  Hi Rick. I need to know how I can set my Facebook privacy so that only my Friends can see my photos, albums and etc.

I recently got a private message from someone that is not a friend, saying he enjoyed all my albums and pictures. That really upset me!

I need help changing my privacy settings so people that are not my friends won’t be able to see my pictures. PLEASE HELP???

Rick’s answer:  Mary, you need to change the global privacy setting for your posts from “Public” to “Friends”. Here’s how: 

1 – Click the down arrow located at the right-hand side of the blue bar art the top of the Facebook window.

2 – Click Privacy Settings.

3 – Click the Edit link at the far right-hand side of the line that contains “Who can see my stuff?”.

4 – Select Friends from the drop-down menu in the gray box labeled “Who can see your future posts?”.

5 – Click the Limit Past Posts link at the end of the line that reads “Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public?”.

6 – Click the Limit Old Posts button.

From now on your posts, photos and albums will only be viewable by the people on your Friend list. This includes the posts, photos and albums that you have already posted in the past.

I hope this helps Mary. Good luck!

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