Q&A: How do I restore the audio to my Youtube videos?

youtube-logoQuestion from Mary:   Hi Rick, I’ve got a problem that I could use your help on. The other day I was watching a video on my computer and dad started talking to me so I thought I muted the sound, but now it won’t come back on at all.

When I click the sound icon, it does nothing. (I’m talking about the icon in the video box, not the computer’s sound icon. The computer itself still has sound except when watching videos like on Youtube. What did I do and how do I fix it? I’ve restarted my computer hoping that would help, but no go.

Rick’s answer:   Hi Mary. Try clearing the cookies in your web browser and let me know how it goes. Many websites store various configuration settings as browser cookies, and quite often simply clearing the cookies from the browser you’re using to access the site will clear up a problem like this.

Update from Mary:  It worked!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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