Q&A: How can I prevent my Facebook friends from knowing that I’ve read their messages?

facebook-chat-privacyQuestion from Glen T.:  There are times when I’d rather not let certain Facebook friends know that I’ve read their messages, but I’ve checked the Facebook privacy settings from top to bottom and I can’t figure out how to block the “Seen at” notifications from being sent.

My question is can I turn the “Seen at” notifications off? If it makes any difference I use Windows 8 and Google Chrome.

Rick’s answer: Glen, I haven’t been able to find a way to disable the “Seen at” notifications that your friends see after you’ve read their messages in the privacy settings, but there’s a cool Google Chrome extension that will block them for you.

The extension is called Facebook Chat Privacy, and you can add it to your Chrome browser for free. Simply visit this page with Chrome, then click the Add to Chrome button. (Note: Firefox users can install the free Facebook Seen Notification Remover.)

Once the Facebook Chat Privacy extension has been installed your friends will no longer be able to tell that you have read their message(s). This means you can feel free to answer them at a time that’s more convenient for you instead of feeling pressured to answer the message right away. As a bonus, the extension also prevents your chat partners from seeing the “is typing” message that lets them know you’re typing something into the chat box.

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