Q&A: Does my iPhone battery charge faster when it’s turned off?

iphone-offQuestion from Dorenda J.:  Hi Rick! I have a question for you. I lead walking tours through the streets of my historic home town and I only have a few minutes here and there when I can plug my iPhone in for a quick charge. My question is will it charge a lot faster if I turn it off before I plug it in?

Rick’s answer:  Yes it will Dorenda. The innards of your iPhone consist of some pretty sophisticated electronic devices including a CPU, some memory chips and multiple send/receive radios. All of these devices consume power, and when they are powered up they compete with your phone’s battery for the available electric current being delivered by the charger.

Turning off your phone won’t make your iPhone’s battery charge at lightning speed, but if you only have a few minutes of charging time a few times each day it can make a big difference. Just be aware (as I’m sure you are) that you won’t be able to send or receive phone calls or texts until you turn your phone back on.

Note to Android and other smart phone users: This applies to your devices as well.

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