Q&A: Will a new battery fix my laptop?

hp-envy-13-batteryQuestion from Danielle H.:  I have a 5 year old HP Envy 13 laptop that works fine when it’s plugged into the wall with the charger, but if I unplug the charger it shuts off almost immediately.

Do you think replacing the battery would fix the problem or do you think there’s something else wrong?

Rick’s answer: Yes Danielle, the problem is almost certainly a bad battery. If the charger was bad it wouldn’t run the laptop at all, and if the laptop itself was bad it wouldn’t run regardless of whether it was using battery power or AC power.

You have several options available to you for buying a replacement laptop battery for your HP Envy 13: 

1 – Have a local computer store order one for you.

2 – Order one online yourself (just Google “laptop batteries” and you’ll find several sources for it).

3 -Skip the hassle and order it from Amazon. You’ll get a great deal and you’ll have it in your hand before you know it. I recommend this one.

Bottom line: The lifespans of laptop batteries vary quite a bit, but 5 years is really pushing it. If you like using your laptop, by all means get a replacement battery and keep using it!

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