Q&A: What all does a System Image back up?

windows-8-1Question from Olivene T.:  Rick, I spent a few minutes reading your post that explains how to create a System Image in Windows 8.1, but I’m a little confused.

What exactly is backed up when you create one. Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me.

Rick’s answer:  Olivene, when you create a System Image you are effectively backing up the entire hard drive. Everything you have stored on the drive will be saved as a backup on your recovery media.

When you create a System Image you are basically taking a “snapshot” of the contents of your hard drive that you can use at a later time to recreate that same exact configuration after a hard drive failure, critical virus attack or other system emergency.

In short, if you have a recent System Image on hand, you can easily and quickly get your PC back up and running Windows with all the programs, settings, data, photos and other files that you had on there before the disaster struck.

I hope this helps!

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