How to easily take a screenshot of an entire web page

screen-capture-logoHave you ever needed to capture a screen shot of an entire web page only to be frustrated because the entire page wouldn’t fit on the screen? I sure have, and it’s pretty frustrating indeed when you have to capture the page in segments and try to stitch them together later.

Well, now there’s a great web-based utility that’ll quickly create a screenshot of an entire web page, regardless of its length or width. You can then save the resulting screenshot image as a PNG file.

This awesome utility is simply called Screen Capture, and it works like a charm! Here’s how to use it to create a screenshot of virtually any web page: 

1 – Visit the Screen Capture website by clicking here.

2 – Type (or copy and paste) the full URL of the web page you wish to create a screenshot of into the text box.

3 – Click the Capture Screenshot button.

4 – Click the Download Image button.

Important: Pay close attention to the wording on the download button so as to make sure you click the right one! ONLY the button labeled Download Image will allow you to actually download it.

5 – After you click the Download Image button a PNG image depicting the entire target web page will open in a new browser window. Right-click on that image and click “Save image as” to save the screenshot to your hard drive.

That’s all there is to it. I hope you find this awesome tool as useful as I do!

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