Which programs can you safely remove from your PC? Find out with ‘Should I Remove It?’

should-i-remove-it-logoIf your PC is like most others out there today, it probably has tons of programs, apps, toolbars and small utilities running in the background. And it’s quite possible that all of those running processes are causing your system to run about as fast as a snail fitted with a full body cast.

You have probably read somewhere that removing unused programs can help speed up your computer, but which of the programs listed in the Control Panel’s “Uninstall a program” list can you safely remove? That question has puzzled computer users since the early days of Microsoft Windows, but now there’s a handy free download that can help you answer it with confidence. 

Should I Remove It? scans your system and creates a list of all of your installed programs, then assigns each of them a score based upon ratings provided by countless other users as to whether that program is actually needed and whether removing it caused any problems for them. And if you still aren’t sure about a particular program, you can click on it to visit the program’s page in the ‘Should I Remove It?’ database and read more about it.

If your PC is running slow because of a mixture of “bloatware” and legitimate programs that you really don’t need, “Should I Remove It?” could be just what the doctor ordered for cleaning up your Windows installation and getting it back into peak condition. Want to give it a try? Download it for free right here.