Be sure to photograph your Christmas gifts for insurance purposes

christmasNow that Christmas is here, what’s the first thing you should so with all the loot that Santa is going to deposit under your tree?

Pull out your camera and photograph it of course!

First, I recommend neatly arranging everything that will fit on a large bed and taking a couple of shots of all the gifts together.

Next, photograph every expensive item individually and write the item’s brand, model number and serial number on the back of the photo. 

Once everything has been photographed and the photos have been annotated, store the prints in a fireproof safe or lockbox. That way you can give your insurance company photographic proof of what you lost in case the unthinkable ever happens and you lose all of your earthly possessions to a fire, thief or natural disaster.

And by the way, video is a good supplement to photos, but photos are essential so be sure you take those first.

Bottom line: A detailed photographic record of all your family’s Christmas gifts will make it a lot easier for your insurance company to quickly pay up if some of your gifts end up getting damaged or stolen.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Photo credit: Eleni Shouftas

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