Q&A: How can I make the icons and shortcuts on my Windows Desktop bigger?

microsoft-windowsQuestion from Andreas T.:  Hello Rick. I hope you can help me. I bought a new computer with a 23 inch flat panel monitor, and I love the enhanced sharpness and clarity. The problem is I’m used to using a 17″ CRT monitor with large icons (I know, I’m WAY behind the times) and at 72 years of age my eyes aren’t what they once were.

Thanks to one of your tips I found out how to increase the font size in Google Chrome which was a tremendous help, but I really need to know how to make the Desktop icons and shortcuts bigger. Can you help an old fellow out? Thanks so much!

Rick’s answer:  I’m glad you found that tip useful Andreas. Thanks for the feedback! To answer your question, it’s very easy to increase the size of your Desktop icons and shortcuts. Here’s how:

1 – Right-click on an empty section of the Desktop.

2 – Hover your mouse pointer over the word View, then select either Medium icons or Large icons (whichever you prefer). Here’s a screenshot:


Now your Desktop icons and shortcuts should be easier to see and distinguish from one another. If you need to tweak your display further, you’ll also find a number of settings in the Control Panel that can help make Windows and the programs that run on it easier to see and use.

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