Q&A: Why does my laptop screen go black when I open it all the way?

toshiba-satellite-p845-s4200Question from Amanda:  My Toshiba Satellite P845-S4200 laptop has started acting really weird. If I open the lid past half way the screen goes black just like I turned it off. The computer is still running though.

The really odd thing is the screen doesn’t come back on until the lid is almost completely closed again. Do you think this is a problem that can be fixed? And if it can, do you think it’ll be worth the expense? Do you think I can fix it myself?

Rick’s answer:  Hi Amanda. Based upon your description of the problem, it sounds like a bad cable to me. There’s a video cable that runs from the laptop’s motherboard up to the screen, and opening and closing the lid over time can cause that cable to break.

The answers to your questions are as follows:

1 – Yes, your laptop can easily be fixed by having the cable replaced at your local computer repair shop.

2 – I wouldn’t recommend trying to replace the bad cable yourself due to the complexity of disassembling and reassembling both the laptop and the screen. Nothing personal, but it would be quite easy to cause serious damage to the unit since you don’t have experience in this area.

3 – And yes, I do think the expense of getting this problem fixed is justifiable as long as the rest of the laptop appears to be in good shape. This particular repair should cost you a lot less than what you’d have to pay for a new laptop.

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