An easy way to fool burglars into thinking you’re always at home

ring-wifi-video-doorbellDid you know that many burglars actually knock on the victim’s door or ring their doorbell before breaking into a home?

Well, it’s true, and there’s a reason why: If no one answers the door, there’s a good chance that nobody’s home.

But you don’t have to fall victim to burglars in this way. Simply install a Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell and you’ll be able to answer your door from anywhere in the world! [Continue Reading]

Scam alert: Don’t fall for this very realistic Netflix phishing scam

With almost 90 million active users, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming video services in the world.

And as you might imagine, that makes them and their customers extremely popular targets for hackers and scammers.

Netflix users have been receiving phishing emails for years, but the one that’s making the rounds right now is extremely dangerous, and far too many Netflix customers are falling for it.

The scam works like this: [Continue Reading]

Check your Internet download speed with this free tool from Netflix

fast-speed-test-logoFor a while now I’ve been recommending a fantastic free service called for checking the actual download speeds on your Internet connection.

After all, some ISPs are notorious for not delivering the speeds their customers are paying for.

I have always found to be quite accurate with their test results, and I still recommend them highly. But there’s an easy way to get a “second opinion” thanks to our friends over at Netflix. [Continue Reading]

Have an unlimited data plan with Verizon? If so, you might be about it lose it.

Are you one of the relatively few Verizon Wireless customers who still have unlimited data plans?

If so, you need to start thinking about either switching to one of Verizon’s limited data plans or changing carriers altogether if you use over 200GB of data per month.

Our friends over at Droid Life and ars Technica are reporting that Verizon is planning to boot unlimited data customers who typically use over 200GB per month off of their unlimited data plans on February 16 if they haven’t voluntarily switched to a limited data plan by that date. [Continue Reading]

Microsoft’s new “Your Privacy” dashboard makes it easier to maintain your privacy when using Windows 10

As you probably know by now, Microsoft designed Windows 10 to be quite intrusive when it comes to your privacy.

By default, the operating system collects all sorts of sensitive user data and stores it on your PC’s hard drive and/or sends it back to Microsoft via the Internet.

Luckily, most of Windows 10’s “spying” can be either mitigated somewhat or disabled completely if you know where to look for the various settings.

Unfortunately, finding (and understanding) all of Windows 10’s privacy settings can be a challenge to say the least. [Continue Reading]

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