How to broadcast a live event on Facebook using your smartphone or tablet

Modern smartphones and tablets make it easy to document the world around us by taking photos and capturing video with just a couple of taps on the screen.

We can then easily (and instantly) share those photos and videos with others by posting them on Facebook.

Well, the folks at Facebook have taken the ability to share our videos to an entirely new level with an awesome feature called Facebook Live.

In a nutshell, Facebook Live lets you record live audio and video of virtually any event in real time and share it on your Facebook Timeline so your Facebook friends can witness the event as it unfolds. [Continue Reading]

Why disabling your phone’s GPS won’t prevent it from revealing your location

gps-logo2Most people assume that turning off a mobile phone’s GPS feature will prevent others from being able to track their location via their phone, but it really doesn’t.

Your cellular provider also tracks your location using a method called triangulation, and it works even if your phone isn’t a smart phone.

In a nutshell, they log which cell towers are currently within range of your phone, then they plug that data into a special algorithm that “triangulates” your approximate location based upon the signals your phone is transmitting to the closest towers. [Continue Reading]

How to charge your Apple devices with any standard microUSB charger

lightning-to-microusb-adapterHave you ever needed to charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod only to discover that you forgot to bring your lightning cable or charger with you?

If so, you’ll be glad to know there’s a simple way to charge all of your lightning compatible Apple devices using a standard wall or car charger. [Continue Reading]

Lookout Mobile Security – Quality free malware protection for smartphone and tablet

lookoutHackers have been relentlessly attacking PCs that run Microsoft Windows with viruses and other forms of malware for years while largely ignoring computers running other operating systems.

Why? Because they enjoy inflicting misery and financial loss on as many people as possible while expending the least effort.

It’s simply the age-old principle known as economy of scale at work. Since there are more Windows PCs out there than anything else, they aim their malicious snippets of code directly at them in order to get the most “bang for their buck”.

While PC’s are still their primary targets, now that smart phones and tablets are in virtually every pocket in America the hackers have turned their attention to those devices as well. [Continue Reading]

Check out my new favorite USB car charger!

Like most people, I’ve never really been blown away by a particular car charger. I mean, they’re all pretty much alike, right? Well, they are as long they work.

Well, that changed when I discovered this true gem of a charger from Anker!

The Anker Quick Charge 3.0 Dual-port 39 Watt Car Charger is without a doubt the best charger I have ever seen.

This charger pumps out 39 watts of power which is enough to quickly (but safely) charge two devices at once, even if both devices are tablets. [Continue Reading]

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