Q&A: What’s the best hard drive I can buy for my laptop for $100 or less?

Question from Andy:  The 750GB hard drive in my laptop has started making strange noises and I’m afraid it’s about to go out on me. I need to replace it ASAP but I don’t know which drive I should buy to replace it with.

I’d really like to get an SSD to make the laptop run a lot faster, but my budget for the drive is only about $100 (or preferably less).

I checked around and the largest SSD I can get for that price is way too small for my needs. I really need something that’s at least as big as the drive that’s in the laptop right now.

Can you help me find the fastest hard drive I can get for $100 that’s at least 750GB?

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Q&A: Is it a good idea to install an SSD as a second drive?

Question from Eric S.: I would like to install a solid state drive in my Lenovo desktop PC just to install my programs on. I mostly use Photoshop and Lightroom along with a couple of web browsers.

I’m not really interested in making the SSD the boot drive by installing Windows. My question is whether it’s worth adding an SSD as a second drive just for running programs?

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Q&A: How do I change the default Downloads folder in Windows 10?

Windows-10-logoQuestion from Danny P.:  Hi Rick. A while back I read your post explaining how to change the default Downloads folder in Windows 7.

I followed the instructions and changed the Downloads folder on my PC to the Windows Desktop.

I upgraded to Windows 10 last week and I’d really like change the Downloads folder to the Desktop again. Can you tell me how to do it in Windows 10?

Rick’s answer:  I’ll be happy to tell you how to do it Danny. The procedure for changing the Downloads folder is just slightly different in Windows 10 than in Windows 7. Follow these steps: [Continue Reading]

Q&A: Someone has hijacked my router. How can I regain control of it?

belkin-n450db-routerQuestion from Barbara P.:  Hi Rick. I have a very urgent problem and I need your help ASAP!

Everything was fine when I went to bed last night, but when I woke up this morning and turned on my laptop to check my email, the laptop couldn’t find my Wi-Fi network.

I told it to scan for available networks and it found one with a really nasty name that I can’t repeat on here. I first thought it might be a neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal that was straying into my house, but then I noticed that it was a really strong signal.

Since it was so strong I figured this strange Wi-Fi signal had to be coming from my own router, and sure enough when I unplugged my router the “nasty” Wi-Fi network disappeared.

It appears that someone has hijacked my router somehow but I don’t know how to take back control of it because it won’t accept my password. Can you help? It’s a Belkin N450DB.

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Q&A: Can I remove the EXIF Data from my pictures before uploading them to Facebook?

remove-exif-dataQuestion from Mary:  I just learned that every picture taken with a digital camera has something called EXIF Data embedded within it that includes the location where the picture was taken.

I have lots of family pictures that were taken at my house and I’d rather not have my physical address out there for all the world to see.

Is there any way to remove the EXIF Data / location info before I upload my pics to Facebook? My camera is a Nikon and my computer is an Acer laptop.

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