How to remove political posts from your Facebook newsfeed

If you enjoy following politics you probably don’t mind the political posts that pop up in your Facebook newsfeed at times.

And as you’ve probably noticed, they tend to pop up fairly often.

Many Americans have strong beliefs and ideals when it comes to politics, and that means that regardless of where a particular post might happen to fall on the political spectrum it’s sure to evoke strong emotions (either for or against).

If you happen to dislike political posts and try to avoid them as much as possible, a handy Chrome extension called “Remove All Politics From Facebook” can help. Simply install the extension and most posts of a political nature will be excluded from your newsfeed.

Here’s how to install it on your Chrome browser: [Continue Reading]

Scam alert: Why it’s a bad idea to Like and Share ‘Feel Good Posts’ on Facebook

scamIf you use Facebook, you have surely seen tons of “feel good posts” pop up in your newsfeed. And if you’re like most people, you probably “Like” and “Share” some of them.

I used to Like and Share them too, back before I learned how dangerous they can be.

“Feel good posts” typically consist of a cute photo (often of a puppy, a kitten or a child) looking all lovable and cuddly. The photo will usually have some text on it that makes it almost impossible not to like or share the post.

Here’s an example of a typical “feel good post”: [Continue Reading]

How to hide the ‘Search’ and ‘Task View’ buttons from the taskbar in Windows 10

Windows-10-logoMicrosoft made a number of changes to the visual user interface in Windows 10. I found many of those changes to be good ones, but some of them could have benefited from a little more forethought.

Two great examples are the ‘Search’ and ‘Task View’ buttons that were added to the taskbar in Windows 10. While it’s true that these buttons come in handy at times, many users (myself included) prefer not to use them.

In my opinion, the best way to open a Search box is to simply press the Windows+S key combination. That way you can start typing your search query without having to even touch your mouse.

And as for the Task View feature, very few people even use it. So why clutter up an already crowded taskbar by displaying those non-essential buttons?

Luckily, it’s very easy to hide the Search and Task View buttons from the Windows 10 taskbar. Just follow the simple steps listed below: [Continue Reading]

How to discreetly send the same email to multiple recipients

emailHave you ever needed to send the same exact email to several recipients without them knowing that other people are receiving the same email?

Sending the same exact message to multiple recipients can come across as a bit spammy, but there are occasions when it’s both necessary and legitimate to do it.

As luck would have it, there is a very simple way to send the exact same email to several people while making it appear to each recipient that it was sent only to them. Here’s how to do it: [Continue Reading]

Glowing Keyboard Stickers let you ‘hunt-and-peck’ in the dark

glowing-keyboard-stickersAre you a “hunt-and-peck” typist who enjoys using your computer with the lights turned down low? If so, you probably have trouble finding the right keys in the semi-darkness.

Well, as it turns out there’s a very simple and inexpensive solution to this problem: Glowing Keyboard Stickers!

Simply place the matching fluorescent stickers over the corresponding keys on your keyboard and you’ll be able to peck away in virtual darkness (the light from your computer screen will make the letters on the stickers glow). [Continue Reading]

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