Q&A: How is my daughter getting on Facebook when her smart phone has been disconnected?

facebook-logoQuestion from Diedra L.:  Rick, I have grounded my 13 year old daughter for a month for getting into some pretty serious trouble at school.

Part of her “grounding” is a total ban on cell phone and Internet use of any kind. To enforce that, I’ve had her iPhone shut off and I’ve also turned off the Wi-Fi on our router.

The problem is she’s still finding a way to get on Facebook and talk to her friends because I can see her “liking” stuff and leaving comments. She definitely isn’t using free Wi-Fi because the only place that offers it on our side of town is the local McDonalds and it’s too far away for her to get their signal.

I also know for a fact that she gets online while she’s still inside our house. I just can’t figure out how she’s doing it. Any ideas?

Rick’s answer:  Yes Diedra, I have a couple of them. The first possibility is she’s piggybacking off of a neighbor’s unsecured Wi-Fi network. In my mind, this is the most likely method. You can check to see if there is an open network available with your own smart phone (or laptop). Just open the Wi-Fi settings screen and take a peek at the available networks.

The second possibility is she might be using a prepaid phone that you don’t even know she has access to. Or perhaps she has borrowed a phone from a friend? And of course there’s always the possibility that she’s found a way to access the Internet that neither you nor I have thought of. After all, kids are pretty tech savvy these days.

I wish you and your family well Diedra. Take care.

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